Values That Drive Us

Our team members are committed to shared principles and believe in the values of integrity, competence and innovation which drive the work of Greenwich as a company.


Integrity is maintained through adherence to the values of transparency, honesty, respect and hard work. While respecting confiden- tiality at all times, we maintain a culture of transparency within the company and with our customers. We show the utmost respect to everyone, from clients and counterparts to the general public, regardless of their nationality, gender, race, ethnicity or other differences. Working hard to provide the highest quality of service, even beyond contractual obligations, is part of our commitment to integrity.


Competence is about bringing together the wisdom of the experienced with the knowledge of the educated and selecting the most relevant staff for each task. Our company is continuously developing the capacity of its own staff in technical skills as well as their core competencies and work ethics. This has created a cadre of professional staff within and a group of proficient associates linked to the company.


Innovation comes from a sense of duty to be part of the solution to the multitude of issues faced by the society in which we are operating. We strive to be a front-runner in finding innovative solutions to problems. This requires that we look critically and learn from our own past work, as well as seeking to inform ourselves from the academic knowledge and entrepreneurial excellence of others around the world.